Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hey All, *coversface* i know i promised pictures a looooong time ago but i am so sorry i have actually had so much to do. I have had exams and amidst organising a fashion fair and moving the shop to surulere (yes, surulere) *whoop whoop*. Its been really hectic but thank God we are finally settled. We are open for business and i would be expecting to see y'all soon. Yup so to the main purpose of this post i want to share the pictures from the fashion fair with you. It held in December and featured a couple of other vendors. I won't be able to post all the pictures cos they are very many. I will post the ones i think were the nicest *wink*. Anybody that spots me in any of the pictures first will get a free ankara bangle if its a lady and a free ankara bow-tie if its a guy. So sorry for all the plenty ranting here are the pictures:
GOSH!!!! It took so loooongg to upload the pictures *crying* I had to cos of you guys tho! You see i must love you all very much *WINK*
Till next post


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    1. Thanks sooo much. I am awaiting your order. *wink* Pls check out our other blog