Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Welcome to the world of Bolsey Designs

Being the first post, i would like to use it as a way of introducing BOLSEY and what we do that makes us so unique. Bolsey is a fashion design company which was birthed about 20 years ago. It is run by my mother the Managing Director Oshinyemi Bola (Mrs) and my humble self *battinglashes* Oshinyemi Iyin (Miss). We have transitioned from making state of the art children's wears and school uniforms to smart casual wears for adults, african inspired wears for adults (both male and female alike) and wedding dresses/bridal train wears. Because of the evolving world of fashion we have included an african inspired accessory line to the business. We have a few of our wears and accessories on display which are ready for purchase by customers when they walk into our showroom but mostly we have them made on request to meet the specifications of customers.
We will be uploading pictures of our designs shortly please stay tuned.

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